Enterprise Human Capital Management


Total Workforce Management In One Platform

OnePoint HCM Workforce management suite is a powerful and robust platform that gives large organizations the power to manage all aspects of HR, Time & Labor Management, Payroll, and Benefits in one place.

OnePoint’s solutions are integrated and seamless because the entire suite is built on "One" single database and every employee has "One" single employe record. OnePoint HCM provides a secure, cloud-based solution with 24-hour access to the system on any device, with a modern user interface that managers and executives expect to run their organizations.

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Essential Workforce Analytics 

A recent poll of CEO’s found that “Ninety percent of respondents said it’s important that HR leaders be proficient in workforce analytics" and more than two-thirds said this was “absolutely essential.”  OnePoint HCM's Workforce management suite empowers HR departments with all employee data in a single database delivering seamless reporting and integrated analytics to see issues/gaps, forecast areas of risk, and make recommendations and remain compliant.  

Enterprise Workforce Management Solutions


Increase Productivity

Consolidating HR data into a unified, rules-based system streamlines and automates workflows creating efficiency and accountability while decreasing the risk of data omission, duplication and conflicts.

Better Employee Data

This flexible platform acquires and tracks almost limitless employee data on "One" employee record. Draw on this vast information storehouse to compile data to provide a solid underpinning for strategic planning.

Easier Compliance

Meeting the requirements imposed by various legislation at the federal and state level becomes much easier when key information is stored inside and accessed in a centralized platform.

Improve Analytics

Built-in data-analysis tools that allow managers both inside and outside of the HR department to track trends, spot weaknesses and take corrective actions before conditions spiral out of control.