Replace Up To 8 Different Systems With One Platform

OnePoint Human Resources Management application is a powerful, multifaceted system that enables companies to automate and create more efficient HR processes.  Eliminate time-consuming, manual HR processes by consolidating data into one integrated system.  Reduce the paper-based processes and having to remember logins for several applications.  OnePoint HCM is a seamless HR infrastructure that automates most HR and benefit form processes and provides complete documentation, storage, and reporting for each employee record for greater information visibility, faster reporting and easier compliance.

OnePoint Human Resources Management Application Features

Human Resources Module Dashboard


 Human Resources Management demo

 Expert Implementation with HR Practitioners

When you select OnePoint Human Resources management solutions, you start working on a unique and unified HRIS system, but you also receive a unique implementation experience, working with our expert team of certified HR practitioners.  We have the technical know-how to configure your system efficiently, but our team has sat in your shoes.  We consult with clients on processes and workflows to understand how to solve challenges but also make recommendations to get the most out of the system's automation features and eliminate as many duplicate work and time waster activities as possible.

Empower Your Workforce with Self-Service

Efficiency is a core reason for implementing an HR management technology.   Our Cloud-native platform facilitates self-service workflows for employees, managers, and HR administrators across the functional spectrum. Organizations have the opportunity to transform manual HR related activities into automated and workflow driven capabilities for faster and more accurate completion of HR related tasks by the right people. Empower your workforce by freeing up valuable time to focus business-impacting initiatives; not putting out fires.

Robust Reporting

Implementing OnePoint HCM brings the power of "One" to any organization.  Our cloud native platform is built on "One" essential data point, the employee record.  The flexible system is customizable to collect all the data to run your business, stored in one database that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.  Integrated with OnePoint Time & Labor and Payroll, gain real-time reporting and analytics in the click of a button.