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Differentiate Yourself: Partner with OnePoint

Maintaining a competitive edge in today‚Äôs benefits market is becoming more and more difficult.  Align your firm with OnePoint, a leader in HCM technology.  

Quickly differentiate yourself from less "tech-savvy" brokers with a technology partner that can significantly improve the benefit administration process.

Expand your services and capabilities to protect against all the payroll and tech companies jumping into the benefit administration space.

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Businesses Need Technology AND Services

Reporting and compliance requirements around ACA has caused a shift in business needs.  Business still need experienced insurance brokers to navigate benefits options and select optimal plans that meet their business objectives.  But more than ever, clients are looking for technology solutions to automate processes and make enrollment easier.  

Partnering with OnePoint brings a enterprise-class technology solution that streamlines processes, eliminates paper-based enrollment and consolidates client data into One database.  

  • Clients and employee data in one place
  • Access and view census data 
  • Process and submit benefits enrollment online
  • Track statuses and automate alerts and deadline communications
  • Real-time status and more accurate reporting

Deliver Great Customer Service Using Benefits Management Tools

As HR technology has evolved to the cloud, insurance advisors and their clients can access powerful tools more simply and affordably. 

Paperless Enrollment

Paperless Enrollment

Benefit Plan feature in our HR module loads benefit plans directly into the OnePoint System. Employee information is pre-populated and enrollment forms can be completed and approved online. 

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ACA Compliance

ACA Compliance

Uniting Benefits, Time & Labor plus Payroll in one database allows for proactive management of ACA compliance. Easily manage look-back periods, track stability periods, monitor plan affordability and bring ACA compliance full circle.

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Benefit Reporting

Real-time, Accurate Reporting

Access one system so you and your client are viewing the same data and reports.  Streamline data transfer processes, automate carrier connections for improved reporting.

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Carrier connectivity

Carrier Connectivity

Carrier Connections can be established and configured within the system.  Take deductions out of payroll and pay the insurance carriers. Eliminate cost leaks with automatic carrier alerts so billing ceases for a terminated employee.

FSA and COBRA Administration

FSA and COBRA Administration


Human Resources Communication

Human Resources Communication

The OnePoint Platform provides the opportunity for improved client communications.  Real-time report requests, benefit enrollment self service, automated alerts, and more.

Brokers Like OnePoint HCM:

  • A proven technology leader in the marketplace.
  • Increase sales by offering value add HCM suite along with benefits.
  • Paperless enrollment process.
  • Access and gather reports and census data.
  • Automated enrollment submissions.
  • ACA Compliance

Your Clients Love OnePoint:

  • Instant HR Infrastructure.
  • Affordable, cloud HCM platform
  • Easy implementation with little or no IT.
  • Access to automated enrollment tools and Employee Self-Service. 
  • Simplify enrollment with pre-populated forms and alerts.
  • Full ACA reporting and forecasting tools.