Leave and Accrual Management

Are you looking for an easier way to track employee leave?


Leave Management Time off request

Unplanned, incidental and employee leave can have a dramatic impact on daily operations.  Leave interactions, between state and federal laws can be mind boggling. Managing employee leave of any type, without an integrated solution, is time consuming and leaves a company open to risk.

OnePoint's Leave Management application provides accurate, automated leave management integrated within our Time and Labor Management solution. Minimize the risk of costly employee grievance litigation from hard to track manual processes and multiple data sets. Have accurate, consistent leave accruals documented on one single employee record.

Leave Management Solution Features

  • Automated tracking of leave eligibility, type, and duration.
  • Configurable workflow for leave request/approval process.
  • Employee self-service leave request.
  • Manager leave case visibility reporting.
  • Append leave case documentation directly to an employee’s case record.
  • Time entries and pay rules for leave cases integrated with employee time sheets.
  • Real-time updates on eligibility and case activity.

OnePoint Leave Manager simplifies local sick leave compliance requirements

Leave Management Benefits

Control Cost of Labor

Complete automation, accurate data, and comprehensive visibility when tracking employee leave availability and eligibility takes one click.  Leave frequency and duration tracking is fully automated to streamline and manage processes.

Prevent Unauthorized Leave

Access leave availability and ensure employees return on time. Every leave case is carefully and automatically tracked for time and eligibility, with built-in notifications that allow managers to prevent costly labor leaks.

Enforce Leave Policies Consistently

Fair, impartial application of rules and policies not only boosts employee morale, but minimizes business risk.  Leave cases are all documented, alerts prevent errors in leave approvals and reporting.

Stay Compliant

Automate the enforcement and tracking of federal, state, and local leave laws and rules for a variety of qualified leave types, including FMLA and paid sick leave. Apply employer-specific leave polices consistently.