Process Payroll On Time, Every Time

OnePoint Payroll makes it easy to execute your organization’s payroll how you want it. Our web-based payroll solution automates the entire payroll process ensuring accuracy and providing robust reporting options.

Simplify Payroll with Tools and Support

Onepoint Payroll Payprep process screen

OnePoint Payroll was designed to be intuitive and easy to use for a wide range of payroll scenarios. Real-time payroll updates eliminates the preprocessing step.  

Our system provides access tools that automate multi-state and reciprocity calculations, and we have several calculators to generate taxes based on exact geographic coordinates.

  • Real-time payroll processing.
  • Calculations as you go.
  • Geo-spacial tax identification.
  • Labor distribution and cost center reports.
  • System notifications and alerts.
  • Employee self-service for pay stubs, direct deposit and withholding changes.
  • Configurable admin dashboards and data export.
  • Cross year reporting.
  • Flexible data exports formats for migration to accounting.


Payroll Integrated With Time Tracking

Most companies have embraced automated payroll, but only 1 in 5 have integrated payroll with time tracking and are still relying on spreadsheets to get time data into payroll.  OnePoint Payroll is integrated with Time and Labor to eliminate the inefficiencies and errors caused by data exports and manual processes to get data from the time keeping system into payroll.  See dramatic improvement in payroll accuracy in turn lower the risk of penalties from non-compliance with time and labor laws. 

OnePoint Payroll Dedicated Support

OnePoint HCM understands that payroll questions come up, so we provide software and a high level of service support within OnePoint Payroll.  We provide our clients with "One" dedicated customer service representative so if something comes up, you know the person who picks up the phone and they know you. 

Forget waiting on a customer service 800 number and getting a call center.  The Customer Service department can usually answer your question right away and if escalation is required, follow up is fast and follow through is consistent.