OnePoint Recruitment and Talent Management

Automate Recruitment and On-boarding with OnePoint!

OnePoint aligns Recruitment and On-boarding, making the transition from applicant to employee much simpler for HR administrators and managers.  The candidate information is already in the system and when you hire employees, the profile can be activated as an employee.  Automated workflows kick off required forms and on-boarding paperwork that can be completed digitally through employee self-service. Employee records are logged when complete and stored on one employee records, and complimentary services like background checks can be initiated through the system.  Our automated workflows take care of many manual process without having to login to many systems or dealing with stacks of printed paper.

OnePoint Recruitment Features

OnePoint Recruitment and Onboarding services

  • Job requisition and automated posting tools.
  • More complete applicant profiles.
  • Alerts and reminders for interview status, feedback, and approvals.
  • Integrated business services, like background checks and compensation calculators through the marketplace.
  • Streamlined transition from candidate to employee status.
  • Employee Self Service for Federal, State and benefits forms.
  • Recruitment integrated with HR application.

Seamless Transition From Recruitment to Onboarding

OnePoint Recruitment Applicant Dashboard

From candidate screening to onboarding, applicant information is accurate and accessible. Applicants create their own profile, giving managers the streamlined ability to retrieve resumes, and require credentials and reference information on one screen.

Interview notes and stages of interviewing can be marked on each profile, giving various managers access to updated information on the hiring process. Once employees are hired, their applicant profile becomes their employee profile, leaving no extra data entry for hiring managers.


Post Job Requisition Online Faster

Save time posting new job requisitions with OnePoint Recruitment. The recruitment application lets administrators create job requisitions and we configure the system to automatically post the jobs to your website careers page.  Log into one HR system and streamline the job posting process.

More Complete Applicant Profiles

OnePoint Recruitment gives hiring managers and HR administrators the ability to capture more robust applicant data through a full online application process.  Collect more than just a resume: ask for certifications, training, experience, and references up front. 

Make the interview process more efficient by having more complete application data. Applicant information can be exported into an easy to read PDF format for use during face to face interviews.

Applicant Tracking

Many people may apply, but not all will be hired. Save time by initially marking in the system who is qualified to be interviewed and who is not. Mass email function allows hiring managers to notify applicants right away if they are not being considered. Once interviewed, interview notes and stages of interviewing can be marked on each profile, giving various managers access to updated information on the hiring process.