Convenient Reporting and Compliance Management

Access Compliance Data You Need in One Click

Every organization relies on it's business data to make recommendations and decisions that impact the bottom line.  Human Resources professionals require data accuracy for several labor compliance laws but relying on spreadsheets and disparate systems is time-consuming, frustrating and full of uncertainty in data accuracy.

OnePoint Human Capital Management Solutions simplify reporting through integrated data built on One seamless database. If a data point exists in the system, our flexible reporting engine can be configured to pull it into a customized report with any other data in the system.  Executives, administrators, managers and employees can see the data they need, when they need it.

Standard ReportsComplex ReportingCompliance Services
Mandatory compliance reports in one clickAdvanced features with customizable reportingCost-effective compliance management services
Worker's Comp Injuries / Claims Management
Notification Regarding Employee Forms Expiration, i.e. I-9

OnePoint HCM Suite Reporting features:

  • Global reports built in for many common to create consistency across the organization.
  • Advanced filters and custom columns to create individual reports that can be shared.
  • Security settings allowing manager access to reports but only for the employees they manage.
  • Dashboards and Quick Links to navigate to the most important reports in "One" click.
  • Wide range of export options including PDF, CSV, Excel and more.
  • "One" login to access all the workforce data for your organization.

 OnePoint Reporting Benefits

One Login

Forget having multiple logins or needing to export a bunch of reports.  Create efficiency and gain hours back with One Login to access data and create reports to run your business.

Seamless Data

 OnePoint's platform is an integrated database and a flexible reporting engine which means you can build reports bringing together any fields that exists in the system for accurate in real-time reporting.

Programmable Alerts

Decrease data uncertainty with system alerts and notifications. No one can forget a form, missed punches get noticed right away, managers see when employees are reaching time thresholds in real-time.

Easier Compliance

Data and corresponding forms for filing get configured into the system and tested.  Payroll reporting in real-time, historical data can be run with the push of a button, tax and ACA forms can be populated automatically.