OnePoint Scheduling Solutions

Schedule The Right Person With The Right Skills

Our automated labor scheduling solution empowers managers to consistently and accurately create schedules that align your workforce with anticipated demand, while adhering to all company and regulatory scheduling policies.

Optimize your workforce and control labor costs with OnePoint Scheduling. Our powerful scheduling solution will help your organization solve scheduling challenges.  End overstaffed shifts, short-handed rushes, and unacceptable levels of productivity by partnering with

OnePoint's dedicated implementation team works with each clients to configure the scheduling system for specific workflows and processes as well as skill sets and cost distribution. 

With OnePoint Scheduling Solutions You Can

  • Save Time - Spend less time working on schedules and more managing your core business.
  • Minimize Conflicts- Integrated Leave Manager provides conflict alert while building schedules
  • Optimize Performance - Match the required skills to the shift requirements.
  • Control Costs - Avoid overstaffed shifts, short-handed rushes, and budget overspend.
  • Enforce Scheduling Policies - Adhere to all company and regulatory scheduling policies consistently.


OnePoint Scheduling Benefits Overview

Pre-Build Shift Plans

Specific departments and employee units can have schedule plans built with specific constraint so managers can see the employees they manage and are eligible for a particular shift plan.

Easy Drag and Drop Interface

Drag and drop eligible employees directly into a shift plan, with instant, color coded notifications on screen if there an capabilities constraint or leave/scheduling conflict.

Preview Shift Workload Summary

View at a glance daily and weekly shifts for the coverage summary to know and take action on further scheduling.

Cost Distribution Planning

Pre-program earnings or hour limits elements into shift plans to ensure work hours match budgets or grant awards.