Human Capital Management Solutions

OnePoint Human Capital Management offers organizations of all sizes a Software-as-a-Service, Cloud HCM solution designed to unify all of your HR and workforce management processes in one, integrated application. Our cloud solutions are a flexible and powerful, enterprise-class HCM solution, paired with a wide-range of integrated business process services. OnePoint HCM can help transform your HR department!

The Power of ONE, Integrated Database

Forget multiple logins and disparate systems that don't talk to each other.  Manage all your data in one system.

  • One Employee Record - One single database and application with one user experience across all modules
  • One Service Provider -  Replace up to seven different vendors with One.
  • One Seamless Solution - One point of access with no clunky integrations
  • One Contact - One point of contact  across all services
  • One Price Per Month - An enterprise solution you can afford with simple PEPM pricing

Human Capital Management in the Cloud

Our OnePoint Human Capital Management suite makes it possible for HR to accurately manage all aspects of workforce labor in a secure, cloud environment.  HR, just like every other department, needs access to business data at anytime, anywhere.  OnePoint's flexible SaaS delivers powerful tools to automate many HR processes without the need for IT time and large budgets. 

OnePoint HCM Cloud Features

  • Cloud HCM - Secure access to data anytime, anywhere
  • The Power of One - One database for seamless reporting
  • No Software - Never any software to install, automatic updates
  • Real time - Real time, never any batch processes

OnePoint Human ResourcesOnePoint Human Resources

The Human Resources (HR) application is a powerful, multifaceted system that enables companies to automate and create more efficient HR processes. This dynamic, rules-based application will help you create workflows, monitor activity, and populate many paper-based forms allowing more accurate and timely completion of HR-related task, such as:

OnePoint HR Module Features

  • Training & Certifications  
  • Discipline Tracking
  • HR Resources
  • Incident Tracking

OnePoint Time and Labor ManagementOnePoint Time & Labor Management

OnePoint HCM's Time & Labor Management module is a powerful application that streamline workforce management with automated collection of time and labor information.  Data is input into the system in real-time with workflows and notifications to manage your workforce in real-time.  The Time and Labor module is the same platform and database with OnePoint HCM Payroll. There are no interfaces, imports or exports to run. Time sheets seamlessly move into payroll and time sheet data displays on every pay statement.

Time and Labor Module Features

OnePoint Payroll ServicesRun the Perfect Paycheck

Our Payroll solution paired with expert business processing and tax enables companies to automate payroll processing with an experienced partner.  The user interface is intuitive and easy to use for a wide range of payroll scenarios. Real-time updates and calculations eliminate the preprocessing step.

OnePoint Payroll Module Features

  • Real-time payroll processing
  • Calculations as you go
  • Employee self-service for pay stubs and withholding changes
  • Labor distribution and cost center reports
  • System notifications and alerts
  • Geo-spacial tax identification
  • Configurable admin dashboards and data exports
  • Excel-native export formats eases migration to accounting