OnePoint Tax and Payment Services

Let OnePoint HCM Handle Your Taxes 

OnePoint provides comprehensive Payment Services to manage the backend of payroll and comprehensive Payroll Tax administration to automate tax filing process for our clients.

Clients utilizing OnePoint Time & Labor already have confidence in accuracy of their payroll data, and OnePoint Tax and Payment Services provides automated filing and payment services for taxes; our system always has the updated forms and robust reporting.


OnePoint Automates Payroll Processing

  • Automated payment processing - Payroll is processed by check or direct deposit.
  • Electronic tax filing - Your quarterly and year-end tax payments are processed automatically.
  • One off check runs - We will handle bonus payments, special occasions, final checks and more.
  • One, dedicated customer service representative - We provide a live person assigned to your account.


Streamline Payroll Tax Administration

Payroll taxes are complex and they are always changing.  Let OnePoint HCM's Tax Services team help you manage this process.  We keep current with state and federal payroll regulations and automate filing and payroll tax payments.

Federal Taxes

  • Form 941
  • Form 944
  • Federal income tax
  • Employee social security
  • Medicare
  • Automated W-2 processing and mailing

Federal Unemployment Tax

  • Form 940, Annual Federal Unemployment (FUTA) Tax Return.
  • Report taxable wages paid during the year to reconcile quarterly FUTA tax deposits.

State and Local Income Taxes

Report and transfer income taxes for state and local taxing agencies.

State Unemployment Insurance

OnePoint tracks and pays State Unemployment Insurance taxes.


Our Commitment to Service

OnePoint HCM is more than just software, we strive to provide the highest level of service and support to our clients.  Working with OnePoint tax and payment services experience the difference that an integrated technology and dedicated business services can bring to your company.

"My experience with OnePoint has got to be the best out of all the payroll services that I have used. The web application is super easy to use and switching from my previous payroll service was completely painless.  OnePoint took care of all the details and when it was time to run my first payroll everything was ready to go."