Time Clock Devices

Accurate time data collection is the cornerstone of time and labor management.  OnePoint offers multiple data collection options for organizations of all sizes and environments.  Whether through mobile or many other time clock devices available, time data can be collected in real time or in a store-and-forward manner if connectivity issues exist at a particular location.

Traditional Time Clocks

Time ClocksStandard time clocks utilize a bar code, magnetic stripe, or have a proximity chip. Readers are available from the most basic to those offering extended Employee Self-Service (ESS) and manager override capabilities.

Biometric Clocks

These biometric devices, all of which are Ethernet compatible, identify an individual by examining a unique physical characteristics such as fingerprint, hand geometry, eye pattern, voice or dynamic signature.

Mobile and Offsite Devices

Mobile and offsite time clock solutions offers fast and reliable data capturing capabilities, geared toward the dynamic workforces.  Mobile solutions are affordable and give
employees and managers flexible self-service capabilities.


OnePoint Time Clock Devices Benefits


Choose devices that are secure and have advanced identification and geospatial capabilities.


Dashboards and reports monitor late or missed punches in real-time and alert supervisors to address attendance issues from one screen.


We can implement consistent hardware or integrate different data collection options to meet the needs of the work environment.

Remote Access

Make it easier for distributed or remote employees to clock in from anywhere using mobile or standard telephony.