OnePoint Time and Labor Management


The Power of One Seamless TLM and Payroll Solution

Experience one of the most accurate and versatile, web-based Time & Labor management applications on the market. OnePoint Time & Labor Management provides efficient and effective time tracking and scheduling capabilities for organizations of any size.  Know who is doing what, when, and why in real time, to maintain compliance and payroll accuracy. With the latest time clock technology and time management tools our clients save time by automating the collection of time and attendance information.  Our scheduling tools and integrated payroll enforces pay and work rules and automates the conversion of worked hours to payroll.

Time and Labor Management

Reduce labor costs and compliance risk through integrated time and labor management solutions

  • Notifications and alerts
  • Configurable job costing
  • Real-time data and dashboards
  • Custom analytics and report settings
  • One click reporting




Time Clocks and Time Keeping Data Collection

OnePoint configures and installs time collection technology including traditional swipe keypads, proximity, telephony (standard telephone or cell phone), and fingerprint recognition.  We consult with our clients to determine the most effective time collection solutions to fit your work environment and workforce requirements.

Schedule the Right Employees for the Right Time—Every Time

OnePoint scheduling features help organizations of any size solve common, and not so common, workforce management challenges that happen every day. Did someone call in sick? Need to fill extra shifts this week? Does holiday workload require additional staff for upcoming shifts? All these challenges and more are solved with OnePoint scheduling features. Simple scheduling interface allows for updates as needed, optimizing your staffing to the coverage and mix you need and the preferences your employees prefer, while adhering to scheduling policies

Control Costs with Robust Reporting

OnePoint's secure, cloud-based solutions allow administrators, managers, and employees to access the data they need, in real time wherever they need it.  Administrators and managers have real-time access to punch data, scheduling, leave approvals, to be sure that the right people and skills are scheduled and that policies are being enforce equally. Make reporting consistent across the company by using the built-in profiles and security hierarchies so that global report templates are accessible to managers but only for the employees that they manage.  Exporting your reports is a breeze and choose from a wide range for export options including CSV, Excel, PDF and XML.